Top 5 Reasons to Moisturize Daily | How to Treat Dry Skin

5 Reasons Why We Need to Moisturize Our Skin

skin moistureThe skin is composed of several different layers and the outermost is known as the epidermis. The surface of the epidermis (stratum corneum) is a protective film mainly made up of dead surface cells that are interconnected by a thin hydrolipidic film made of fat and water. It’s important to understand that this layer keeps the moisture level of the skin balanced and protects the body from external aggression by elements such as wind, bacteria and cold.
If the stratum corneum is weakened, the barrier is broken making the skin more vulnerable to various forms of external aggression. When the skin loses water, it becomes rough, dry, and feels tight. Moreover, dry skin loses its luster and reflects light poorly. Here are some reasons why you should keep your skin moisturized every day.

1. It keeps your skin hydrated

Hydrated skin has all the characteristics of a young and healthy skin; it’s more colorful, plumper and softer. Moisturizing the skin daily is the foundation on which skin care is built. Moisturizer leaves a thin greasy film that prevents excessive evaporation of water on the skin. Therefore, it is important to avoid the use of aggressive soaps and hot water.


2. Replenish rough areas on the skin

Some parts of the body like the elbows and knees are very prone to skin roughness. Skin roughness might also be caused by day to day chores. Therefore, applying skin care body lotion before bedtimes or after bathing helps aids in keeping rough areas moisturized. Besides preventing dryness, this also makes the skin look smooth and silky.  There’s more information spread all throughout our website.

calluses3. Relax your calluses

Calluses are thickened areas of the skin that are usually formed on the heels of the feet when the skin is subjected to friction and pressure for prolonged periods. The epidermis hardens to form callus which accumulates in layers. Besides being unsightly, calluses can become painful when the dry skin cracks. Moistening the skin regularly helps prevent the formation of calluses.

4. Provides radiant skin

Moisturizing your skin regularly enhances the glowing effect of your skin tone by removing dead and dull flakes in order to restore the underlying tissues of your skin. When moisturizer is applied in the morning, it acts as a base for makeup and hold’s it up throughout the day. On the other hand, moisturizing the skin at night delays the onset of wrinkles and also helps the skin to regenerate.


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5. It gives you a great relaxed feel

Gently massaging your skin using a moisturizer aids in relaxing the nerves and reducing stress. There are various different types of lotions and you can choose based on your needs and preferences. In order to protect your skin from dryness and cracking, you must provide it with all the necessary moisturizing elements. Choose moisturizing creams that are rich in high-fat agents and antioxidants to nourish your skin.
There are numerous factors that drain moisture away from the skin including pollution, poor diet and stressful lifestyles. The only way of hydrating the skin and providing nourishment is by applying a good moisturizer every day. It is also vital to moisturize the skin from within by drinking plenty of water.

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