How Safe are Anal Bleaching Creams to Use?

Are Anal Bleaching Creams Safe to Use?

In the modern society, people are finding ways to enhance their beauty. While some tend to go for plastic surgeries and other strategies to improve their outer attractiveness, others are targeting their intimate areas. You might have of the term anal bleaching, which is just similar to vaginal bleaching.

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Anal bleaching, as the name suggests, is the procedure of lightening the skin around the anus. Though there are some DIY remedies, many people opt for the anal bleaching creams. With these creams, you start by waxing your anal area and rub the cream on it. The cream will then work gradually as it lightens the anal area.

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How Safe Is It?

Using anal bleaching cream can be safe. However, this depends on the type of cream you choose. As long as the cream is made with natural ingredients, it is considered safe to use. Most of the recommended bleaching creams are made using organic ingredients. What you should always look out for is the ingredients list, and ensure that there is no harsh content. Some of the harsh elements that might make the whitening cream unsafe include mercury and hydroquinone.

Therefore, the best anal whitening creams are safe to use, though you will need to stay away from those with toxic content. Also, the brand of the cream also contributes to the efficiency and safety of the cream. Avoid using an unknown brand to stay on the safe side.

Potential Risks

tub of creamSince the bleaching creams are considered safe, there are some potential hazards associated with them. While most of these risks are brought about by the toxic content and harsh ingredients in genital lightening creams, some of them will occur due to the skin sensitivity. Dermatologists and gynecologists point out the possible risks of using the bleaching creams, regardless of the natural ingredients used. Some of the potential risks include the following;

  • Irritation. This happens mostly with sensitive skin, or with constant use.
  • Burns. You might experience some burning sensations around the anal opening.
  • Scarring. The cream can also damage or mark your skin.
  • Strictures. Using the cream might contract the anal opening.
  • It can also affect the normal bowel movement.
  • Some can make the anal canal wet and teary.
  • In some case, the cream could lead to bacterial infection, especially when you visit a salon.

If your skin is too sensitive, consult your gynecologist for further assistance. All in all, if you notice any unusual effects when using the cream, stop immediately.


People’s Experiences

Though the procedure was initially common in the adult industry, more people are seeking for anal bleaching remedies. With the anal whitening, it is common among the ladies, and most of them claim they do it to look and feel more attractive to their partners. Some have claimed to experience the burning effect, especially when they do it for the first time. Also, the wrong choice of product has contributed to negative results. To some, the cream started working within three weeks, yet others claim to have taken long before experiencing the results. Choosing the wrong cream might not deliver as you expect.

For those that have used the cream for a long time, they say that the best way is to shave, wash, and dry the anal area before applying the cream.

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