4 Major Celebrities That Have Bleached Their Skin

Who are the Celebrities that have Bleached their Skin?

If you take a look at history, the norms of beauty vary from one culture to another. With globalization and migration leading the entire world to a homogenized beauty standards on an international level, different beauty trends have started to dominate. America is one of the places that has the most persuasive cultural norm and has been spreading its beauty ideals into every other culture. In the past, the paler body was considered the perfect beauty wherein it represented success and wealth. Those with darker skin was linked with poverty and menial labor, as it showed someone that has been working under the sun for hours.

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But those preconceptions have slowly disappeared, but it doesn’t mean to say that they have completely disappeared. It has established itself into the subconscious of some people, especially women. Each day, women feel peer pressure on conforming to the beauty standards of the West, and this refers to having lighter skin.

Women of lighter, pale body opt for a darker tone, while those with dark skin see the opposite and want to have it. And because of such decision, it has led some women taking drastic measures just to conform to the concept of “beautiful” by having lighter body. It has even affected celebrities, too, and this is by bleaching their skin.

1. Mshoza

Mshoza is an African singer that has gained worldwide popularity. She is even open about having to bleach her body, further stating that it is nothing she is ashamed of doing. She also admitted that being black made her feel ugly and grew tired of it. Of course, critics saw it as an unhealthy way of treating herself and even those among that look up to her. Many people saw that her statement had only created negativity towards the black empowerment.

2. Lil’ Kimnicki minaj

Lil’ Kim has definitely changed the tone of her skin through the years, but the debate still ensues today whether what she is wearing is makeup to lighten up the body tone or skin bleaching. She hasn’t done anything to deny or confirm the rumors, but fans noticed the difference by comparing pictures of the past and present.

3. Nicki Minaj

This is another speculation that has been making the rounds, especially if you have been following Nicki Minaj since her debut in the music industry. The ones that took notice of the changes were bloggers and her fans, noticing that her tone has lightened up over the years. The critics were pointing out of her pictures in the past up to the present. Some say that lighting and makeup explain for the change in her tone, yet, other people explain that it can only do so much to lighten it up.

rihanna4. Rihanna

Rihanna has been accused of bleaching her body by another famous singer, Vera Sidika. The latter used Rihanna as an example for beauty trends and even an excuse for her choice of whitening her own skin. Others also took notice with Rihanna’s change over the years. She did not make any comment regarding the allegations, but fans have grown concerned when images began circulating showing a comparison of Rihanna’s complexion today and those of her past.


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