Lakshma Maxxi Whitening Cream | Our in-Depth Review

Lakshma Maxxi Whitening Cream - Product Review

The popularity of skin whiteners rides on the fact that there are many people who still want to have flawless and white skins. There are many options in the market today with regard to skin whitening products, and Lakshma Maxxi Skin Whitening Cream is just one of them. However, its popularity is because it doubles as a product meant for women and men.

Lakshma Maxxi is one of the most popular anal bleaching creams out there, it is searched by thousands of people every month for good reason. It's an effective and safe product to use to whiten the skin around your anus and that definitely translates into get popular in this market. ​

​Not only does it work in the most intimate of areas like the butt, penis, scrotum and vaginal area, it also works almost anywhere on your whole body as well. This is what makes this product such a convenience as it's an all-around cream that works for both men and women. Gone are the days of having darker skin, and welcome the new age of a whiter body!

One knock that I have about this product is that it takes quite a bit for it to ship out which is a major pain in the butt for me. Also, it's not as affordable as most of the other products that we have reviewed. ​I would still recommend Amaira Skin Lightening Serum as it is the most affordable one out of the bunch, also it works the fastest. Which is what most people that are bleaching their butt holes want.

The most interesting thing that I've found​ out when it comes to butt whitening is that people are very impatient when it comes to results. They tend to overdo it a lot or try a few different things right away which results to catastrophe most of the time. So, one piece of advice, be patient. 

How Lakshma Maxxi Gel Works?

Lakshma Maxxi can whiten skin without causing irritation, thus its popularity. It is said to even work for skin in sensitive areas such as the vagina, labia, scrotum, penis and anus. It contains the following ingredients:

  1. Kojic Acid - ​This component works to whiten the skin by inhibiting production of melanin. Beside this product, it is present in skincare products and soaps.
  2. Vitamin E - Skin sometimes need to be protected against free radicals that can harm it. Vitamin E is known to protect the skin against this and other pollutants.

Product Application:

Just take an ample amount of Maxxi and apply on the desired area. It will get absorbed by all types of skin. The manufacturing company says you should expect positive results in about 3 to 4 weeks of using Lakshma Maxxi whitening cream. This makes it better than other brands which you have to wait for months to see the whitening results. Go to this link ( to find a better alternative.

The product seems to have attracted many positive reviews from customers compared to a few who reacted negatively.

​Given the nature of results attained from its usage and the quality of its ingredients, it is a great product when compared to many others in the market such as Juvabrite, Rosacea gel, Skin Exfoliator gel, Illuminatural 6i, Jurlique Purely Bright and Radiance Serum. However, products such as Juvabrite have quality of ingredients measuring as high as 98% and perform better than Maxxi in whitening of the skin.

However, you might have to wait longer if you have a darker skin tone- many users will attest to that.


  • ​No harmful chemicals present in it
  • It is market-tested: many consumers already attest to the results
  • Applicable in sensitive areas, all without irritation
  • Can be used by both men and women


  • No free trials offered by the company
  • ​It can be expensive for some people

Side-Effects of the Cream:

Like any other chemical products, it carries the potential of bringing side effects for particular categories of people. Although no side effect cases have been reported, avoid using this skin care product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You might also need to contact a skin professional in case your skin is very sensitive.​

Where to get this gel product?

It is sold in a number of online stores today. An example of a store selling this product is Amazon which also offers a whole lot more than just this specific product. There are also a few other online markets that offer this product with cheap or free shipping which can be convenient for a lot of people that are interested in using the product. Buying online makes it that much more discreet which means that the cream can be delivered straight to your home without any questions or anything that you don’t want to reveal to a stranger or even a friend.

Not only is it much easier to buy this product online, we are not entirely sure that it is even available in any cosmetic shop in the United States. So, save yourself some time and buy this online if you are interested in using it. ​

Final Review

The fact that it is applicable for all skin areas, including sensitive areas without irritation, makes it a strong contender for the best skin whitening product out there. Although it is a bit expensive, it could be worth trying, given the many who say it has helped them with no evident side effects.

Although Lakshma Maxxi works for some people, we still prefer Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum over it as it has much faster results. Both products are made from natural ingredients but are priced slightly differently so the only thing that separates them both is the effectiveness of the product which Amaira has a huge margin over. Having said that, I would definitely use Amaira over any other skin whitening product that is on the market right now. It has the reviews, the name, and the effectiveness to back up all its claims.