Pink Privates Whitening Cream | Our in-Depth Review

Pink Privates Whitening Cream - Product Review

Pink Privates is a skin-safe whitening cream that is formulated to help lighten the sensitive intimate areas. The product is designed to be used by both females and males whose intimate areas have darkened. The cream can be applied on such parts as the penis, anal, and vaginal area as well as other sensitive areas like the nipples, underarms and scrotum. Pink Privates is mercury and hydroquinone free, meaning consumers can whiten their intimate areas without having to worry about facing unpleasant side effects. Additionally, results can begin to be seen in 8 weeks or less (with twice a day application).

​This cream and gel has been proven to work for women as well as men. That is what makes the product so versatile as it also produces results in any area of the skin. It's a quality product that you can use that will create effective results that will last a lifetime!

Pink Privates Gel Application

As previously stated, this product is meant to be applied on intimate areas such as the anus, scrotum, penis, vagina, dark underarms as well as nipples. It is a very effective product at reducing the overall appearance of different skin imperfections including sun spots, freckles, moles and age spots. A single tube is enough to last you the entire month. So, don't worry about buying it too often. Also, once it has started to take effect in bleaching your private areas then you can slow down a little bit over time as the effect is already there. 

  • Make sure that you shave the area of application
  • Make sure the area of application is clean
  • Do not over do the product as it might cause irritation is done too much
  • Spread the cream throughout the affected area
  • Be consistent in your application of the product
  • Do stop application if your skin gets irritated

Expected Results from the Cream

Many Pink Private reviews show that results vary depending on the colour as well as the part where it was applied. The manufacturer states that you ought to first clean the affected part with water and soap, and then exfoliate with a clean sponge. Once the area has dried up, apply the product cream and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off. If you do a twice a day cream application, while following these directions for a minimum of two months (eight weeks), you can see amazing and desired results.

​Women from all over the world as well as men have tried it and have found the results that they want. It has been proven effective when used on the vaginal area, scrotum, anal regions, nipple areas and anywhere else on the body. It's time that more men and women know the results!


  • Aside from purified water, this product is made up of apricot kernel oil and jojoba seed oil. And it also contains squaline – a skin softener and an emollient. And in the product are laureth-7 and hydraulonic acid which are moisturizers with excellent anti-aging properties. And alpha arbutin – the key ingredient that comes from Bearberry plant and is a superb melanin inhibitor.
  • It’s clear to see that the gel is composed of safe and natural ingredients only. As such, they effectively lighten your skin without creating any harm. This is the biggest benefit of this skin lightening product that is considered by many people as one of the best skin whitening creams out in the market.
  • It’s the only one of the few products actually that is all-natural and very effective if used properly. Many people can attest to that claim as the treatment has quite a number of reviews that can be found with a quick Google search.
  • It is safe to use for both men and women of any age!


  • The only con you will notice with this whitening cream is that it isn’t that fast acting. However, that is the case with most other skin bleaching creams as it takes time for it to work depending as well with your skin type. Also, there are no free trials offered by the company which is completely fine because it only costs around $50 per tube of the cream if you buy it online.

Final Review

Pink Privates does result in whiter intimate areas. Provided it is applied regularly and appropriately, you can expect good results in 8 weeks or less with consistent and right application of the product. This product is offered online and through some selected stores all over the world. Shipping costs may vary depending on your country.

Although Pink Privates is a good product for whitening the intimate areas, we still think that Amaira (click here) gets the job done faster and a lot cheaper too. With free shipping included to most countries, there just no way that the product can be inferior to others.