Skin Bleaching: Is Glutathione Is Becoming a Dangerous Fad?

Is Glutathione Becoming Dangerous For Us Now?

Many people winjectionant to get lighter skin, and that desire for whiter skin has caused people to turn to dangerous fads, such as Glutathione. There are actually numerous dangers that are involved with Glutathione. Glutathione also abbreviated as GSH is one of the newest trends when it comes to whitening. It is through this practice of using GSH for bleaching that people have turned to. And while there are some reports of the efficacy of GSH for lightening, there are also studies and other reports that have stated that there are also a few common dangers to using Glutathione.

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This method of bleaching is often done through the ingestion of pills. These pills contain a dosage of GSH that is said to lighten the color of the body of the people that take it. Lightening itself has many inherent dangers, and taking GSH bleaching pills also brings along more dangers as well.

Taking pills for lightening is not the most dangerous form that you can try out. The real danger of GSH comes in the form of an injectable. There are actually some beauty professionals that advocate the use of injectable GSH to whiten the skin.

Evidence against glutathione injections

Despite the risks that are involved with injecting GSH into your body, many people are still doing it because of the fact that they want white and lighter colored tone. And with all of the people that are jumping on this fad of bleaching, there is actually no solid evidence at all that shows that injecting GSH into your body can actually cause perceivable effects in bleaching. In fact, many health organizations caution against the use of GSH injectable. This is because there have no clinical studies or trials that have been conducted that conclusively show that glutathione can whiten your color. No medical journal has published a study that can prove that injecting Glutathione in your body can actually have desirable cosmetic effects. And since there is no evidence, most reputable dermatologists would actually not recommend that you use a GSH injectable to whiten your tone.

Are there Dangers from Skin Whitening?

There are also many unknown factors to using Glutathione. Not many studies have been done on the injection of Glutathione in a person’s body. So the long-term health effects of injecting Glutathione have not been discovered yet. There could be some unforeseen danger to using GSH, especially in its injectable form. Most doctors are unaware of the toxicity levels of Glutathione. The human body has got many sensitive organs and systems that could be adversely affected by Glutathione. This is because the effects of GSH on the nervous system, liver and even kidneys have not been studied in-depth yet.

5 Common Side Effects of Glutathione Whitening

rashThere are also some side effects to using Glutathione pills as well. Even if you do not inject the chemical into your body, you would still be experiencing a few other side effects as well. This is because you are going to get a reaction to GSH in your body. And these side effects can commonly happen in a lot of people. If you would like to know the possible effects of taking a glutathione pill to whiten your tone, then you should read on below. You could end up experiencing one or more of these side effects from trying to lighten your skin.

1. Rash

Your body would have a rash due to the many different ingredients that are found in these kinds of whitening pills. You could be allergic to some of the ingredients and chemicals that are used to bleach your body whiter. And your rash would be itchy and even sometimes painful as well.

2. Carcinogenic

Bleaching your body through chemicals can also be possibly carcinogenic. Since the ingredients that are found in various whitening pills and chemicals are not carefully regulated, there is actually a chance that there could be cancer-causing ingredients found in them.

3. Indigestion

This is a pretty common side effect of ingesting bleaching pills. You may have some kind of indigestion problem that can cause stomachaches. You would also experience problems such as vomiting and even constipation as well. This is because the woman stomachachepills may contain ingredients that can upset your digestive system.

4. Insomnia

You may also experience a few other disruptions to your normal bodily functions as well. You could experience insomnia as a problem due to taking whitening pills. Your sleep cycle may be disturbed as one possible side effect of using chemicals for bleaching.

5. Liver and kidney damage

The toxicity of this chemical has not been studied yet, at least in-depth and for long-term effects. So there could be possible damage to your liver and kidneys due to the toxicity of the chemical. You may end up having a lot of problems in your body due to taking pills that contain glutathione.

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