Anal Bleaching Surgeries or Creams: What's Better?

Anal Bleaching Surgeries vs Anal Bleaching Creams

Anal bleaching can be defined as a form of beauty trend whereby both female and male genders bleach the skin that is adjacent to their anus in a bid to make it lighter and more evenly toned. Anal bleaching has been around for quite some time but is gaining popularity as more and more people are becoming comfortable with their bodies. The human anus is dark for a number of reasons, but it is not related to an individual’s hygiene whatsoever. It is a perfectly normal situation that tends to happen with close to everyone.

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Before anal bleaching can be performed, the rectal area needs to be cleaned and properly dried. An exfoliating scrub can suffice to guarantee effective removal of any excess matter or dead skin for that matter. Gentleness ought to be observed in the exfoliation process so as to avoid breaking the skin.


How it is done

Anal bleaching is done through several ways; some of the main ones include the following:

Anal Bleaching Surgeriessurgical team

Cryosurgery is a form of anal bleaching surgery that involves liquid nitrogen that is utilized to destroy melanin cells located in the anal region. Afterward, the body readily regenerates a fresh layer of the epidermis, which has lighter skin cells. This procedure happens to be quite expensive regarding costs incurred. The main reason for this is that it has to be performed by trained medical doctors. This anal bleaching surgery like many other types of surgeries is plagued by a plethora of risks. The success of anal bleaching surgery mostly depends on the depth of melanin pigmentation. Its side effects comprise of headaches, blisters and even severe pain.

Anal Bleaching Creams

cream in containerAnal bleaching cream is a form of spa treatment. It happens to be more expensive and relatively easier than any other form of anal bleaching. The skin lightening creams can be bought locally or ordered online. Alternatively, it can be done in the comfort of the home of the individual as a DIY. The cream is essentially applied externally and rubbed to the point that it is absorbed into the body. It should be rubbed in a circular motion using gentle pressure. Anal bleaching creams work by reducing melanin (a pigment of the skin) as it forms. This means that old cells die off and new ones that have less melanin are formed in their place.

Apart from the above two, there is also laser treatment and the dermatologist method as forms of anal bleaching.

How Are People Doing it At Home?

Anal bleaching can also be done at home; it is considered to be relatively safer. It is also quite discreet, as most people prefer. The application process is also very straightforward.

Preparation involves the following:

  • The area should be washed and cleaned
  • It should be shaved if necessary for better cream absorption
  • Gentle exfoliation should also be done for better cream absorption



Modifying the physical appearance of an individual so as to look better is not wrong in any way. That is to say that if you are convinced that anal bleaching is the solution, then you should pursue it. With regard to the suitability of either anal bleaching creams or anal bleaching surgeries, you are best placed to make that decision.

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