Nigeria’s Bleaching Pandemic: The Unexplored Implications

The Unexplored Implications of Nigeria’s Skin Bleaching Pandemic

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The use of bleaching products has become one of the options that darker skin tone would consider in lightening or brighten their skin. This is one of the reasons as to why lightening becomes a trend not just among darker tones but also for those people who have uneven and discoloration of the skin. Regardless of the age, status, gender and educational background the use of a bleaching product have become extensively popular to most of the Nigerians.

According to studies and reports, the bleaching powder is one of the most common types of household product. Its application can sometimes be harmful to special individuals like those who are pregnant as these needs to be consulted first by a doctor before applying anything on the body. As much as possible, avoid using it if you are lactating and do not use it on children as this may lead to complications due to its side-effects.

The Pharmacological Compounds

This is composed of heavy metals such as hydroquinone, mercurials, corticosteroids, and retinoids. Prolong use of the product aggravates the health condition of an individual. This is why it is important that you know the indications

and contraindications before you’re going to apply it on your body or to someone else. As the product effects on your body, that doesn’t mean that you are free from any means of complications. Keep in mind that it contains heavy metals which can be very harmful to your health. An example of a complication is dermatitis, the loss of skin elasticity or also known as ochronosis, poor wound healing, thinning, atrophy and breaking of the skin. These complications can further extend to an increased formation of acne and pigmentation and more devastating skin damage which are irreversible.

Major Complications Of Using Bleaching Powder

bleach powder

Awareness of using any product for your skin is a must. Doing your research and study on one particular product or ingredient is something that you can learn and at the same time avoid items that do not work best for you. In this way, you can save your budget and your health. However, among the people in Nigeria, bleaching is wrongly used by most of the individual. Overusing the product can lead to major complications. Here are the following cases.

  1. Bacterial infections
  2. Scabies that are present everywhere in the body
  3. Obesity
  4. Skin cancer
  5. Renal and liver damage
  6. Diabetes mellitus
  7. Hypertension
  8. Thyroid disorders and more

Therefore, the misuse of the product largely affects the mental and physical well being of an individual and it is utterly devastating.

Bleaching Products a Myth For “Beautification”

It is said that whitening (learn more about this) products can achieve whitening effect to individuals from Nigeria is by lightening the tone. The myth that it can bring out beautification is not implied according to how it will affect a person’s health. Did you know that using such products needs a prescription from your doctor? Yes, this needs to be prescribed which is why you will need to have yourself assessed first by undergoing a few laboratory tests before using lightening products. In this case, the product is not effectively advisable for Nigerians to use it. The product has been banned due to its complications.

There are variations of bleaching product forms aside from the powder; this also comes in soap, creams, ointment, concoctions of many ingredients that are not even properly labeled according to its usage. This is also sold indiscriminately in other forms in the pharmacies, online vendors, sidewalks and cosmetic stores. It is toxic and risky for anyone’s health thus its safety is questionable. This has been banned in other countries as well because of its teratogenic and carcinogenic effect.

Alternative Remedy For Skin Whitening


Little did you know that bleaching product (see our recommendations here) is not the best solution if you want to enhance and lighten your skin tone. Alternative remedies like using herbal and botanical active ingredients such as papaya and arbutin. These ingredients are more effective and safe to use rather than harmful chemical products which makes your life uncertain. Furthermore, there are no scientific claims so far that it can take effect right away. This is the reason why individuals would go for a faster effect of whitening and have no idea what negative effects using the whitening products could bring them.

The importance of understanding the real side effects of a whitening product especially those that contain whitening properties is a must otherwise a great suffering of the health becomes a crisis. It is essential and crucial to inform the Nigerian republic regarding the usage and its complication to stop any mortality rate due to overusing and misusing the product.

Nigerians Must Understand Skin Pigmentation

Indeed, darker skin tones are an issue to some Nigerians, however, embracing the reality and being comfortable in your body is what matters most. Yes, you may be aware of the health risk and other relevant factors that cause death among people. Careful studies and research should be prompted so that health awareness is spread all over the country and worldwide.

Therefore, being comfortable in your body truly depends on a person’s perception as to what is beautiful inside and outside. This means that regardless of your race, customs, tradition, and culture must be embraced with the reality that each one is made unique according to the likeness and image. Since the world is full of influences, this is up to your choices whether you want to be the same with other people who thought it is effective for them to consider bleaching products or be with yourself and be content with what you have is the only way to be confident.

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