Our Review of Amaira - 2019’s Best Anal Bleaching Cream

Our Review Of Amaira - 2019's Best Anal Bleaching Cream

There are a lot of bootylicious beauty products, but Amaira has got to be one of the most popular for those brave souls who want to get into the ass bleaching game. If you do a bit of research, you’ll find tons of reviews which claim that Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum is the best bleach cream on the market for at-home treatments.

​While we love a good bit of buzz – we were eager to give this a fair try for ourselves to see if Amaira can live up to the hype. So we took a close look at the ingredients, delivery times, packaging – and of course – tried this bleaching cream for ourselves.

​We coerced a few of our team members into trying a few of the most popular products on the market, and they certainly had some impressive results. Here’s what we discovered, what we liked, and what we DIDN’T like.

How Does Amaira Intimate Whitening Serum Work?

According to the manufacturer, Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum contains extracts made from natural ingredients, which lighten the intimate areas like the scrotum, vagina and anal areas – without any annoying smells or harmful chemicals.

They’ve designed the serum to be safe on your skin, which is great for sensitive areas like your naughty bits. At the same time, it’s made to reduce any scarring or discoloration you may have from past experiences such as injury, childbirth or general aging.

Their biggest claim is that it’s the safest anal bleaching cream on the market due to the careful combination of 2 powerful ingredients. They claim that this all-natural product works quickly to lighten darker skin pigment, and has long lasting results. Like you, we’re looking to see if this product lives up to the huge expectations they’ve set, so we took a closer look at these natural extracts.

These 2 ingredients listed below have been used for centuries in European and Asian medicine, and we know they’re safe for sensitive skin. So we can see that Amaira chose these to use in their ass bleaching cream so that these sensitive areas don’t experience any side effects or irritation.

The 2 main ingredients include:

  • Dendrobium Phalaenopsis
    This extract is popular in many beauty products as a very soothing lotion. Dendrobium Phalaenopsis extract is the main ingredient in Amaira since it can be applied easily, and absorbs into the body naturally.
  • Mulberry Extract
    This natural ingredient has been clinically proven to inhibit melanin production, known as melanogenesis. This is the chemical which naturally occurs in your body and is responsible for darkening skin pigment. Think tanning at the beach. Many clinical tests have shown that Mulberry extract, when used together with Dendrobium Phalaenopsis, can cut this darkening tyrosinase activity in half.
  • These 2 ingredients, when combined together will allow your vaginal and anal areas to whiten and uniform your other skin tones as you remove dead skin cells.. The mulberry extract is also used to remove frown lines or wrinkles over time by bringing back fibrillin to the areas where it is applied.

What's The Easiest Way To Use Amaira?

​Amaira Intimate Lightening Serum’s manufacturers actually conducted a bunch of case studies on their own product, and found out that many users are getting the results faster if they apply it in a certain way. They claim that they’ve never received any reports of side effects when the cream is applied according to the instructions on the box.

​We roped our team into testing this out, and here’s what they had to say after following the instructions exactly as written on the packaging:

At first, I was reluctant because, well, who wants to try out an ass bleaching cream if you’ve never done it before! But seeing that the manufacturer delivers the product in a discreet package, I figured I’d give it a try. I followed the instructions, which were pretty easy, and did see some great results after about 3 weeks! After the results I got – I can say that this product really works

Jennifer, 34

When I was younger, I figured a dark butthole was a normal issue for women. As I got older, I learned that if you wear very tight underwear, it is definitely possible to get darker skin in your private areas! When I heard about Amaira, I figured it was just a bunch of hype. But I used it for a couple of weeks and the results were astounding. I’m ecstatic!

Michelle, 29

What We Liked About This Top-Rated Bleaching Cream:

  • Helpful and responsive manufacturer
  • Easy to apply if you follow the instructions on the box
  • Conclusive results which we could test
  • Free shipping! (Yeah baby!)
  • They have a 60 day return policy in case you're not happy with it (risk free is good for me)

What We Did NOT Like:

  • Bottle is not that big, you may have to order a few to use consistently
  • There are no options to buy the product in bulk because the manufacturer doesn't allow it

The Verdict: Does Amaira Live Up To The Hype?

​After our brave guinea pigs tested this out themselves, we can’t deny that this cream actually does work. We were glad to see the 60 day money-back guarantee since it means that you can give it a try risk-free. You are basically trying it for free, this is good for the skeptical people out there that still think that you have to go to a professional and spend tons of money to get a whiter behind. It's not the only thing now, definitely not anymore! 

​It looks like Amaira has filled the emptiness for a proper whitening product in the market – beating out all those scam products which don’t actually work. It is a product which provides great results, in way less time than you would expect. Our subjects for testing achieved the results in about half the time that the product claims on the box – which was surprising! After all the reviews that we have done on other anal bleaching products, Amaira surely stood out the most, and I'm not talking about just the effectiveness of the cream. I'm also talking about the discreet packaging, quick shipping, good price and it only using natural ingredients in the product. 

​It definitely is head and shoulders above its competition in many aspects during our review. 

​So, take advantage of the 60 day money-back guarantee and try it out for yourself! If you don’t see results, then contact their customer support since they were really helpful when we called them. Give it a go and let us know what you think!

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