Anal Bleaching – How to Get Your Ass Bleached Quickly & Safely

Here’s What You Need To Know Before Joining The Bleach Bum Club

Imaging you’re sitting at a bar with a bunch of friends, gobbling down jalapeno poppers and craft brews, and suddenly one of them blurts out: “Yeah, I’ve been bleaching my asshole for years and I’ll never go back!”

Speechless. You could hear a cricket sneeze.

While more conservative beauty buffs might assume this was a medical treatment for some sort of butt rash, the fact is more men and women are striving for a shiny pink butthole than ever before.

Thanks to pornstars and celebrities baring it all, anal bleaching has become more and more mainstream over the last decade. This progressive trend is a “must have” for the fashion conscious people who are concerned about what they look like “down there.” And while it may have been brought to light by the adult film industry, this booty beauty trend is no longer exclusive to the Paris Hiltons of the world.  

Anus lightening focuses on treating the skin pigment of your intimate areas to make them lighter over time, and it’s become extremely popular as a spa service, medical procedure, and DIY at-home treatment.

But not all butt bleaches are created equal. Some of them contain harmful chemicals, and not all salon professionals know what their doing. But no stress! We’ve got the low-down on the down under.

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For Women & Men
For Women & Men

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Sensation Free on Application

Sensation Free on Application

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Quick Results

Quick Results

What is Anus Bleaching?

While the name “Anal bleaching” sounds a bit scary, you’re not exactly pouring clorox down your pants. This procedure uses creams or gels to lighten the skin around the anus, scrotum, vagina, nipples and underarms.  Usually the skin in these areas is darker than the rest of your body, and a lot of people think that looks ugly. Thus – anal bleaching was invented.

To get this luminous lightening in the the vaginal area and butt region, the anus is first waxed thoroughly to get the surface of the skin smooth, and then the skin around the asshole is rubbed with a chemical treatment. The result is a light-colored, spotless buttwhole region.

Any decent spa will charge between $100 and $200 for an anal whitening session, and then sell you a DIY lotion or a whitening gel to use when at home. The expected amount of time required for the whole process is about 20 to 30 minutes tops while in the spa. Depending on the color of your skin, you may be required to attend multiple anus bleaching sessions. Usually the lotion has to be applied on the bleached area for at least 8 weeks to obtain long-lasting results.

Here are just some of the ways you can lighten the skin in your intimate areas:

  • Natural ointments
  • Whitening creams
  • Salon treatments
  • Special diet
  • Surgical procedures

How Did This Whole Bleached Asshole Trend Start?

The rumor is that a previous adult film actor received a full back and front wax in a salon and noticed that the anal region looked a little dark. Therefore, she asked her waxier if anything could be done to remove the dark hue. This is how; the anus bleaching system was created. As Brazilian waxes grew in popularity, more women noticed that the skin in their intimate region was darkly colored.


They became more self-conscious of the discoloration of the skin, so they wanted it to be much more lightened. Many people have reported that anal whitening makes them more confident in their relationships. It is important for woman to know that they appear well groomed from the back. It is also on the rise amongst women of any age and others who want to look glamorous in bikinis, thongs, and G-strings.

loving your body

Are there Risks to Anal Whitening?

Many dermatologists and gynecologists agree on the fact that buttocks bleaching is not a risk free procedure and should not be carried out by non-trained professionals, no matter what the reputation of the salon is. There have been many complaints of scarring, irritation, and burning sensation from buttocks lightening creams. A survey done by a New York City dermatologist says that the side effects from anus whitening do more harm than good. The side effects include strictures, which causes tears in the anus and make the opening of the anus much smaller, which make the movement of bowels highly difficult. Additionally if the spa is not very clean then you run the additional risk of contracting herpes. Doctors say that the pigmentation is permanent and butthole bleeching is temporary. It is sure to come back. There are also chances of contracting depigmentation, which is when the skin totally loses its color and rather than lightening the area, it totally darkens the area.


DIY Method or Salon Treatment?

However, most people decide to go for the do it yourself method at home when it comes to vaginal or anus lightening. There are many reasons for this as there are some people who know how to do it. Firstly, the intimate region is the most private region of the body. There are no discussions between men and women regarding the butt hole region ever. Moreover, since it is so private, people prefer to do it in the privacy of their own homes. This also works for males that want a whiter anus as well as women looking for a change. Secondly, going to the salon may be expensive. It may cost the person between a hundred to one hundred fifty dollars. Many salons will add unnecessary products to go with it to earn profits as well. Thirdly, if you do the ass hole bleaching at home, then you do not have to go to the salon 5 or 7 times to do the same thing which you would have done easily at home.

Salon Treatment

How to Do it Yourself at Home

happier female bodyWhether you decide to stay at home and do a do-it-yourself ass bleaching, or whether you decide to go to a salon, you should always remember to steer clear of the hydroquinone containing creams, when it comes to whitening the anus . The products containing this pigment have been banned in the United States of America and in many countries as well. Many believe that this chemical is harmful when rubbed on the sensitive areas of the body. Many studies have also shown that the chance of cancer highly increases with the use of hydroquinone creams. You might have just saved a ton of cash when you do the treatment at home. But, when you do this process, you will still need the assistance of someone else to apply the lightening cream on your buttocks area. It will be hard to do alone because you might overdo it or under-do it, either way it won’t lead to the results that you want to have when you buy this product. So, with all that said, you will have to find a partner close to you that you are comfortable with that can apply the cream on you. It won’t take too much time but it will definitely be more effective. Start your anus whitening process today!


How to Make the Process Work?

The anal bleaching methods consist of three steps. The first method consists of waxing the anus region and making the skin smooth. The area has to be shaved off and cleaned thoroughly. Exfoliating the region will help to speed up the entire process. The second step is the application of the acid, which efficiently removes the pigmentation from the skin. The removal of pigmentation from the skin makes the area lighter and more attractive, it’s a simple process on how to do it at home. The last step is to apply skin lightening cream or a gel, which helps the region to stay light and devoid of pigmentation over a long period.

Process of Applying the Butt Lightening Cream

lotionBefore applying the cream, the bleached area should be cleaned with water and it should be made sure there is no broken skin. It is advisable to apply the cream while taking a shower. The skin gel should be rubbed onto the skin in a circular motion until it is totally absorbed by the skin. This process has to be repeated twice daily. To achieve the desired color, the skin should be applied both in the night as well as in the morning. After you have attained the color that you want, you can stop applying the gel. Once your skin has gone back to the previous shade of darker black, you will be required to rub the cream back on to the skin again.

What Results to Expect?

It is imperative that no exceptional results should be expected from the person getting the anus bleaching procedure. It is important that your goals be as realistic as possible. A dark person may not be able to reach a skin color that is 3 times his natural skin color. It is true that the anal region will be lightened but it is better not to expect impossible results. However, as mentioned above, most people have seen significant results.  The purpose of using this product shouldn’t be to make your region down under lighter than your skin color so this shouldn’t be an issue.  The purpose should just be to lighten it since this isn’t made to paint your skin.  You should start to see great results within just a few weeks but this is just a friendly reminder to manage your expectations and know what you’re getting yourself into.  If you understand these things, then you will be extremely happy with your purchase and will be deeply saddened that you didn’t make this decision earlier! amaira

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