10 Weirdest & Scariest Anal Sex Confessions Ever!

10 Most Horrific and Hilarious Anal Sex Confessions Ever

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Traditional anal sex has been linked to homosexuality. This belief has slowly been watered down over the years as women are now accepting this act as part of their daily sexual routine with their partners. Nowadays, women are feeling the need to get kinkier for their partners. Anal sex is one of the ways to keep your partner sexually satisfied and begging for more. With sufficient preparation and communication before the act, the experience becomes beyond pleasurable.

However, this is not the case for everyone. Some people have had very weird and horrifying experience with anal sex. Theses mishaps range from using the wrong substances as lube to bowel movement during the sexual act. The experience will make you think twice before you try out anal sex. The following are some of the few horrific anal sex stories you might ever come across.

1. Wrong lube scenario

Twenty-one year old Julia decided to engage in anal sex with his boyfriend who she happily got married to a few years later. They were in the shower all hot and bothered, and the idea came to them. However, because of their lack of experience on this subject, they opted to use shampoo as a form of lubricant. This was the beginning of the most excruciating and embarrassing moment of her life. The shampoo was scorching her insides, so she jumped out of the shower and called her sister for advice. She chased her boyfriend out of the shower and used the water to cam her genitals and anus. The pain took a couple of days to wear down, and they have not thought of trying out anal sex ever since.

2. Broken penis

Twenty-year-old Matt decided to try out anal sex with his boyfriend, only for him to misdirect his thrust and cause a severely injured penis.

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3. The poop scenario

Twenty-one-year-old Katie thought it would be kinky to have sex on the couch at her boyfriend’s house while his parents were away. The steamy session went as planned on the sofa until when her boyfriend decided to pull out. His dick came out with a stream of poop that landed straight on the couch. Take note the furniture was white. No amount of cleaning detergent could remove the stain from the sofa. Thus, they had to blame the stain on the poor dog.

4. Passing out scenario

Nineteen-year-old Genevieve decided to try out anal with a random person at a party while they were high. It was her first time, and at the time, this seemed like a good plan. While on the doggy position, he pushed up his penis all the way and Genevieve back up because of the pain and shock. As she backed up, she hit her head on the headboard of the bed and passed out immediately for some minutes. The concerned boy rushed for some water and waited for her to get up. This was the last time Genevieve was going to try out some anal sex.

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5. The hair gel-lube scenario

Twenty-two year old Paige had tried out anal sex with her boyfriend before. Everything was smooth, and so they decided to try it out again. However, the second time around it just was not as good. It was very uncomfortable, and when her boyfriend finally finished and decided to dress, she saw a tub of hair gel next to the bed, on the table. That is when she realized that her man accidentally picked up the hair gel tub rather than the lube.

6. The size of the boat versus the motion of the ocean scenario

Twenty-year-old Liz was trying out anal sex for the first time with her partner. You see, Liz is a plump beauty, meaning that she has a big butt in comparison to her partner who was not well endowed in the genital area. They tried numerous sex positions all night long, but his penis just could not reach her anus. Finally, they got tired of trying, dressed up, and sat on the bed awkwardly until the sun came up.

7. The fart scenario

Twenty-three-year-old Emily tried anal sex for the first time with her man. The entire time Emily was worried about controlling her bowels, which made the whole experience awkward and nervous for her. When her boyfriend pulled out, he let out the loudest fart ever, and he jumped back in horror. Most likely thinking that she was about to defecate on him. As he pulled away, he lost balance and fell to the ground, and that is the last time Emily ever tried anal sex.

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8. Condom scenario

Twenty-two year old Jessica had anal sex with a partner who failed to use a condom. Thus, she contracted a nasty yeast infection from experience. Therefore, she decided to visit the health services at the university for help. Sadly, the nurse-on-duty that day was carrying out her first pelvic examination on Jessica, she was quizzed on STIs, and infections as Jessica lay on the bed exposed. That was the very last time that Jessica ever tried out anal sex.

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9. The vibrator scenario

Twenty-nine-year-old Jacqueline was trying out some anal experiences with her boyfriend. While they were in the doggy position, her man was using the vibrator on her asshole. This was very pleasurable until he decided to push it into her asshole. The vibrator was stuck. They had to stop so that she could go to the bathroom and yank it off her asshole. She could not imagine going to the hospital to explain that scenario to the doctors.

10. Roller coaster scenario

Twenty-four-year-old Taylor had anal sex for the first time with her boyfriend on the night before their amusement park trip. Well, her bowel movements were not an intact as they used to be before. Therefore, when they took the roller coaster ride, and she became naturally excited, she defecated on herself.

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