Awesome Facts About Washing Your Face in 3-Seconds

Facts About Washing Your Face in 3-Seconds Skincare Application

Establishing regimen is important for you to develop as an individual. There are many benefits as you perform routine, for example, massaging your facial muscles promotes relaxation, and at the same time, it supplies good blood circulation. Maintaining a great-looking skin, you must first know your type. In this way, application of any products is easy and taking care of your body is not that confusing.
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Know your skin types

  • Oily- facial pores are big, shiny and greasy.
  • Dry- flaky, rough or scaling
  • Sensitive- a feeling of discomforts such as stinging, burning and itching.
  • Combination type- this means that you are oily at some specific spots and dry at some areas of the face as well.
  • Normal- the skin is the balance, not sensitive and clear.

Beauty, Care Tips, and Hacks


Nowadays, you will find lots of tips and hacks about beauty regimen and daily routine all over social media, publishing magazines and newspapers. The benefits of reading through beauty, tips and hacks saves

you money as you can have it in your home or it is not as expensive compared to a branded product. What is more important is how you’re going to apply it on your face. For example, the 3-seconds care application while washing your face. Perhaps you are surprised now that there is such a thing about 3-seconds skincare? Probably you are thinking right now, how can that be possible with all of your products in just a matter of three seconds? According to an aesthetician and a co-founder of a Korean beauty brand that became popular at a Soko Glam site stated about a routine that is popular among Korean women.

Three-Seconds Moisturizing Rule

This is the kind of routine that only takes 3-seconds after you have washed your face. The purpose of this routine is mainly to apply your usual products while it is still dumped because it can easily absorb topical actives as the skin is still wet. After you have obtained the three-seconds tip, application of moisturizer actually helps in sealing the water that is on your skin.

The Benefits of Moisturizing

woman with moisturizer

If you are not the “skincare” type of person, then surely you missed so many benefits that a product can do to maintain the nourishment of your skin. Keep in mind that with good turgor, you are able to preserve the natural moisture of your body even if you are applying products that are best for your type. Whereas, with people who are pampering themselves since their early teen or 20’s, you will see a great change of your health in terms of routine. There is a big difference in the maintenance of the products that are food for your skin.

If you have oily skin, applying moisturizer is easily absorbed compared to those who have dry body. Research has shown that application of moisturizer right after bathing results in a more hydrated skin compared to delaying its application.How to Apply the 3-seconds routine for type?

Normal and Combo Type

Wash your face with a cleansing product that you are used to. This is important so as to take off any dirt and grime that you had all throughout the day.

Dry Type

If you are under this type, it would be best for you to use a kind of cleansing soap that is gentle without any fragrance or alcohol content. Keep in mind that using such products can dry your body more and this is not healthy too. Never use hot or warm water since your face is dry thus you will need to retain the natural moisture and oils of your body. Of course, you are not excluded in terms of exfoliating your skin. Have it at least once a week to get rid of any flakiness.

Oily Type

Use an oil-free facial care cleansing as you wash your face. Use hot or warm water as you rinse your face. Application of a toner or an astringent would be useful, however, use products that don’t irritate your body. All these can make your skin clean, less oily and shiny.

Sensitive Type

People with sensitive health must at least approach a dermatologist to ensure that products you’re using don’t cause you any trouble. As much as possible, use gentle cleansers with no scents and use warm water as well to rinse off. See label for products that contain chamomile, aloe, green tea, and oats. Since you have sensitive body be sure that you are using fewer products to avoid damaging yourself.

As soon as you have gotten out the shower, with a wet face lightly pat it with a clean towel but make sure that your face is still damped. Immediately hydrate your skin with your usual moisturizer and apply it to your face in an upper motion in 3-seconds. However, ensure first the other facial products that you want to use prior to applying moisturizer.

People with Acne

woman acne

If you ever struggle with acne, application of moisturizer is still a must. Make sure that you are using a lightweight kind of moisturizing product and an oil-free facial cleansing to promote a hydrating skin. Its main purpose is to avoid the body from blocking the pores.

Although it may not be a three-second application, of course, you don’t apply products that slow and you want to maintain the plump, revitalized and well-nourished skin always. Therefore, this tip depends on how you are religious in doing your regimen. If you are not used to this kind of routine, you might as well think about it because natural beauty is fine but protecting it and maintaining its turgor will keep you away from any forms of diseases and complications. So, develop a habit that will prolong the beauty of your skin thus using good products achieves enhancement.

Try the 3-second application now, and you will surely feel much better than ever before.

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