Why are Anal Bleaching Salon Treatments so Expensive?

Why Do Anal Bleaching Treatments at Salons Cost so Much?

Anal bleaching is increasing in popularity; it isn’t just something that adult movies stars get done anymore! It basically makes your whole intimate area look a lot better from front to back. More people get their anus bleached for a cleaner appearance and fresher feeling. While it is common to get anal bleaching done at a salon, at the same time you would get your vagina (if you are female) and anus waxed. Bleaching should always be applied to a hair free anus and that’s why it should be waxed/shaved first. The treatment is not cheap, however, so let’s explore the question why do anal bleaching treatments at salons cost so much?

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At salons, you can rest assured that the technicians use the best products possible for anus whitening and this is one reason why it’s so expensive. When you factor in the price of the bleach products, the technician’s annual wage and the time that they are spending on you – the price tends to go pretty high.

In general, intimate procedures done in salons such as waxing and bleaching on private areas of the body tend to cost more. This is because the staff who work on that area of the body are doing a job that nobody else wants to do. Hence the salon will usually charge a little bit more money.


What are the Alternative Methods?

salonIf you are interested in anal bleaching but don’t want to have it done professionally, that is understandable. You might be embarrassed about getting this done by a total stranger or you might just want to save some money. You can bleach your own anus at home, which might make the entire procedure more convenient. There are whitening creams that can do that job at a much low price, so I would definitely suggest to go for those if you are looking to save more money.

There are many places that you can purchase anus whitening kits for a reasonable amount of money. The packaging will describe how to use the product, and it means you can get the same clean feeling but by doing it in the comfort of your own home. Anal bleaching yourself will take practice and there are some things you should be careful of.

Never apply too much bleach and never leave the product on your skin for too long. This can result in a horrible burning sensation, blisters and even more adverse effects. Are you willing to risk doing it incorrectly for the sake of saving yourself a few dollars? If so give it a go but the professional route might be the best route to go down, especially the first time you have the treatment!


Now that we’ve established the reasons why it is not cheap to have anal bleaching treatments done at salons, you should feel a little more informed about the subject in general. You really need to weigh the pros and cons of having this treatment done at a salon vs at home. Whether you decide to have your anus bleached by professionals or you want to do it yourself, hopefully it will be a good experience and you are happy with the results.


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